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Website CO₂ remover by flow earth

Remove carbon footprint
of your website visits

Calculate and remove CO₂

Flow Earth physically removes CO₂ from the atmosphere and stores carbon permanently in the soil,
which safeguards you against greenwashing.

We need right action
to help reverse climate change

Calculate your CO₂ emissions generated
by visiting your website in few seconds

How we calculate CO₂ emissions?

Domain name

Monthly visits

Modify data

Visits to your site emit around -kg of CO₂ per year.
The cost for removing this CO₂ with flow earth is - per year.
For each website that uses our solution, we remove a minimum of 33 kg of CO₂.

I want to remove CO₂

How we calculate CO₂ emissions?

How we remove carbon

  • Best physical solution

    flow earth removes CO₂ emissions from the atmosphere with fast growing grasses that are converted to biochar for 1,000+ years of permanent storage. The soils subsequently support biodiverse farms which generate income to help finance the carbon storage.

  • Trust & transparency

    The expansion of agricultural land and the total removal of carbon from the atmosphere are continuously verified by satellite. We will regularly provide satellite photos to all our users.
    The collected data will be uploaded through blockchain onto a public consensus “Distributed Ledger Technology” (DLT).

  • Certification & sustainable development

    We use DNV as a third-party auditor for process validation. We also support all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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